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Everything you need to know about event catering

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Organizing an event can be stressful. Often shared between logistics, coordination, budget and time management, ensuring the well-being of participants or even managing unforeseen events, it is important to carefully anticipate every detail of your program. Catering is a complete service which ensures you a high-end catering service that meets your expectations. What are the particularities of this service? How to choose the right caterer? Our team of event experts will guide you.

What do we call event catering?

Event catering is a turnkey catering solution that will allow you to ensure a quality culinary service throughout your program, whether either for the delivery of high-end meal trays or the preparation of receptions.

Catering is an anglicism which refers to the entire catering part that accompanies an event. This type of service includes the presentation and service of cocktails, aperitifs, dishes and drinks.

This is a key element for the smooth running of your professional meetings, whether for a convention, a seminar, a trade show or even un professional congress. The dishes offered will make an impression and the level of service will underline the professionalism of your event.

It is important to include the catering staff, i.e. the service providers and technical teams, in your organization. Some caterers like pavilion gourmet offer stand delivery, ideal for team meals.

We advise you to select the right caterer, the one who can guide you at each stage of your project.

Discover Pavillon caterer, your exceptional caterer on the Côte d'Azur who supports you by ensuring high-end performance for all types of events. Each dish is meticulously concocted in a dedicated production laboratory of more than 2000 m2 and fully equipped.

The detail, which makes all the difference, in addition to surrounding itself with the best chefs and being equipped with a production laboratory, Pavillon caterer is committed to < u>resolutely committed to ecology with the desire to reduce its carbon footprint to offer responsible cuisine. By favoring purchases in short and sustainable circuits, in particular by using local and seasonal products, and this, according to their real needs, which makes it possible to limit waste and reduce the carbon impact. By implementing different selective sorting for better waste management.

Of course, to ensure you get the best and high-quality dishes, Pavillon Traiteur has quality control set up internally. Each product is traced from its arrival from the producer to its placement in the dishes on the services. Thanks to a precise and complete system (origin, DLC management, temperature monitoring, etc.) this ensures the quality of the cuisine offered by Pavillon caterer.

For what types of events should you plan for event catering?

Gala, conference, lunch or dinner cocktails, afterwork, team meals, etc. It is possible to call on catering for all types of events. This very flexible service adapts as well to your budget as to your needs and desires. Your professional caterer will be able to offer you a suitable solution.

This type of personalized service allows you tooffer an extraordinary moment to your guests without worrying about the catering logistics of your event. It is essential to work with a trusted actor, to ensure an exceptional moment.

What selection criteria to choose your caterer?

As introduced above, to ensure a memorable event worthy of the name, it is essential to choose the right caterer. To do this, we recommend that you be vigilant to find the service provider that meets your expectations.

Use of fresh and local products, offering high quality and original savory or sweet dishes, listening and personalization... A good caterer must be able to support you at each stage of your project and offer you services in accordance with your needs. In other words, a real relationship of trust must be established with your caterer. For example, for the choice of culinary creations, it may be interesting to request a tasting, also called a test menu, in order to establish a proposal as close as possible to your desires, and thus validate the ability of your service provider to offer solutions.

How to find the right caterer? Word of mouth can be a good solution to find your caterer, but be careful, caterers have different specificities, some are specialized in private events, others in professional events.

What is very important is to feel the interest shown by your interlocutor, with whom you plan to work, in personalizing their offer. It is by responding precisely to your expectations and asking questions that you have not thought of, that your culinary partner will be able to support you in the success of your event.

What are the advantages of event catering?

As you will have understood, calling on an exceptional caterer offers many advantages. In fact, you will benefit from:

Expertise from an industry professional

You ensure that you are surrounded by event experts capable of advising you at each stage, from construction to implementation, of your project. Cuisine, entertainment, decoration... Your catering partner will be able to support you on each of these subjects. In addition to the advantages listed, using this type of service allows you to not worry about the catering logistics of your event. Food, drinks, dishes... He takes care of everything.

Custom creations

Catering also makes it possible to organize a unique event where every detail will be meticulously studied. Specific needs, theme, number of guests, logistical particularities, atypical location... Nothing will be left to chance, everything will suit you. For example, your caterer can offer you culinary events or even menus created by renowned chefs.

High-end and original culinary services

Obviously, calling on the support of an event caterer guarantees you unparalleled dishes, cooked by chefs, most often composed of fresh and local foods, worked with originality to to surprise your guests.

Event catering is a professional service that must be adapted to your specific needs at each stage of your events.To ensure the success of the event, the high-end caterer will guarantee impeccable logistical rigor, from preparation to presentation.

In addition to the taste signature, the catering partner you select must demonstrate flexibility, listening and adaptability, thus responding to each of your requests.

Has our vision of catering convinced you? Contact our teams.

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