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Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes: ideal place to organize an event

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, located on the famous Croisette, in the city of Cannes, is an emblematic place on the French Riviera, world famous for hosting some of the most prestigious and glamorous in the world. Large hall, auditorium, theatre, emblematic place… Organizing an event there is an obvious decision. Our experts provide you with all the information you need to know this place like the back of your hand.

Palace of Festivals and Congresses of Cannes

The story of this mythical place

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes is an essential place in the Côte d'Azur and emblematic of international cinema. However, the palace as we know it today did not always exist, it was built in the 80s in view of the growing success of the film festival.

The first editions of this event took place at the Cannes municipal casino and then at the Palais Croisette, a building built exclusively for the film festival. However, given the great success of the Cannes International Film Festival, it will not be able to accommodate the number of guests envisaged for the next editions. A new Palais des Festivals was therefore built in 1983 in place of the municipal casino, which had become too dilapidated.

This new modern building, made up of spaces that are each more extraordinary than the next, such as the Estérel room or the Jean Mineur auditorium, will be designed by the architects Hubert Bennett and François Druet.

Did you know? The first edition of the prestigious international film festival took place in 1946 following the war, it had been postponed several times because of the latter. This festival will be a great success and will very quickly become an essential cultural event around the world.

Numerous rooms, large capacity, exceptional view over the bay of Cannes... In addition to hosting the international film festival, the Palais des Festivals has become an essential place to organize exceptional events. The Louis Lumières auditorium, the Claude Debussy theater hall... We'll tell you everything about this unparalleled place!

An ideal location for a major event

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes is a historic place, essential for organizing events. The palace brings together a large number of cultural events, which makes it an unmissable event destination, including the MIPIM or the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It is also important to note that the city of Cannes also organizes many famous public events there, such as the yachting festival or the games festival. This city has therefore been voted the best destination in the world for festivals & events in 2022.

The city of Cannes also offers an exceptional hotel infrastructure, guaranteeing a pleasant stay for its visitors! One of the undeniable strengths of Cannes is that it is home to a multitude of hotels located near the legendary Palais des Festivals< /strong>. Indeed, Cannes has no less than 130 hotels, spread throughout the city, allowing visitors to choose from a wide range of establishments to suit their specific needs and preferences.

You will therefore have understood that the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes is a historic, unmissable place for organizing events. Indeed, it is possible to organize many events there. It is possible to organize seminars there, congresses, conferences, cocktails, as well as private events.

buffet at the Palais des festivals and congresses in Cannes

In addition to providing a magnificent backdrop for your event, this palace is particularly suitable for those wishing to organize a significant corporate event. Indeed, the palace offers amenities and services fully adapted to the needs of professionals such as the latest generation sound and light systems, all very close to Cannes city center.

Did you know? Cannes is the second business destination after Paris.

Do you want to organize a complementary event in Cannes? Discover our selection of tailor-made event venues in Cannes.

What are the amenities for organizing an event there?

Meeting or reception rooms, terraces, many facilities are present and available for hire within the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes. Specifically, the palace provides:

  • 1 theater with a large stage

  • 6 auditoriums, one of which is cinema-style

  • 3 reception rooms that can accommodate up to 1,700 people seated

  • 30,000 m² of exhibition space

  • 23 offices

  • 26 rooms offering up to 250 seats

  • 1 Plug & Play digital studio with a 120 m² set, 4 cameras and 1 high-definition LED screen

  • 1 1300 m² terrace offering a panoramic view

  • catering service on stand< /a>.

The details that make all the difference, you will find a nearby car park, as well as an airport located in Nice just 30 minutes away by car. In addition, so that all your projects are unique, it is also possible to arrange the premises at your convenience.

Did you know? Sustainable waste management, reduced energy consumption... In addition to offering an exceptional, modern and modular setting, the Palais des Festivals is a place where sustainable development and events are one.

Do not hesitate, when booking, to specify your wishes with the teams in charge of the rental to find out what is possible. In addition, they will give you all the essential information such as the availability of the desired space. Moreover, to book, you will have to contact the company Cannes convention bureau. Please note that prices are communicated only on estimate.

convention at the Palais des festivals and congresses in Cannes

As stated above, the palace offers many reception areas, ideal for cocktails and corporate dinners. So remember to hire an event caterer to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Discover Catering pavilion, an exceptional caterer ideal for helping you organize all your major events on the Côte d'Azur, from Monaco to Cannes. In other words, Pavillon caterer is the benchmark caterer to help you organize a memorable event at the Palais des Festivals. Perfect alliance between culinary excellence, efficiency and eco-responsible commitment to meet your event challenges.

Are there any special restrictions?

There are no particular restrictions for organizing an event at the prestigious Palais des Festivals. It is possible to accommodate up to 30,000 people, depending on the event organised, this reception capacity leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre. In addition, it is possible to organize events there until late at night.

In conclusion, organizing an event at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes offers only advantages. Whether it is to take advantage of the fame and glamor of the Cannes Film Festival, benefit from the modern infrastructures of the Palais des Festivals, take advantage of the beauty of the Côte d'Azur or call on a professional team, the Palais des Festivals is a obvious choice for any major event.

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