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Company cocktail: everything you need to know for a memorable event

company cocktail with cocktail bites and champagne

Do you want to organize an original and prestigious professional event, but you don't know what type of event to set up? Discover all the advantages of the corporate cocktail in this dedicated article. Whether celebrating a special event, rewarding your employees or impressing your customers, a corporate cocktail well orchestrated can leave a lasting impression. Here are some tips to help you organize an unforgettable event.

Why organize a professional cocktail party?

Cocktails are key events in the life of a company, they allow you to celebrate the highlights of the year, to seal certain strategic agreements or to strengthen team cohesion. They offer the possibility of organizing large-scale events, with many participants. Professional cocktail parties are ideal events to promote moments of sharing and discussion with all the people involved in the life of your company.

You will therefore have understood that this is an unmissable event. Here are the main reasons why you should not miss this type of event for your business:

Build customer loyalty

Organizing a cocktail party with your customers strengthens your ties with them. Company cocktails are ideal for engaging in conversation with many people. This is the perfect time to get to know your customers better, strengthen your ties and thank them for their commitment.

Find new partners

Inviting potential partners to a cocktail party is the best time to present your company in a less formal way and why not to conceal new strategic agreements. Indeed, by presenting yourself directly and organizing a prestigious cocktail party, you will strengthen your connections and develop a dynamic image of your company.

Strengthen team cohesion

Of course, a corporate cocktail party is perfect for uniting your teams. It's time to offer them a real moment of sharing and relaxation during a dinner party. It is also an opportunity for managers to discuss with their collaborators, to develop complicity between the members of your teams in an unusual setting.

The different types of corporate cocktails

All cocktail parties are stand-up events where different individual bites, sweet or savory, like verrines or toast are served. This type of event is available in several ways depending on the time of day chosen to organize it. We find:

  • The cocktail dinner: organized in the evening as a meal

  • Lunch aperitif: organized at the end of the morning or at the end of the day

  • The lunch cocktail: organized at noon as a lunch

You will have understood that the meal is a key moment in the organization of a cocktail party, so it is important not to neglect this aspect for a successful event. We therefore advise you to pay great attention to the choice of event caterer.

To-do list of a memorable corporate cocktail

Good organization is essential for a successful corporate cocktail party. Budget, room reservation, contact with service providers, sending invitations... It is essential not to miss certain key steps. Here are the main points not to be overlooked:

Choose the ideal place:

In order to make an impression, it is essential to choose an exceptional reception venue, adapted to your event. Renting the place is not a choice to be taken lightly. Certain criteria are essential, among other things, you will have to choose a place capable of accommodating all your guests and offering all the equipment necessary for the smooth running of your cocktail party. Attention, it will also be necessary to ensure that the selected place is easy to access.

Discover all the places to organize exceptional events on the Côte d'Azur in our dedicated article just here.

Call on an exceptional caterer:

This is one of the most important points, choosing the right caterer. Indeed, a cocktail is punctuated by the service of different hot or cold pieces. Calling on the right high-end service provider will allow you to benefit from expert advice in order to choose the formula adapted to the type of cocktail chosen and the number of guests. He will advise you in choosing the types of appetizers as well as in defining the number of pieces that you will need per person. The same will be true for drinks.

Are you organizing a large corporate cocktail party on the French Riviera? Call on Catering Pavilion . A top-of-the-range event caterer who will accompany you during all the key stages of the organization of your professional cocktail from 150 people.

With a production laboratory of more than 2000 square meters, it is positioned as the specialist on the Côte d'Azur, for the creation of memorable corporate cocktails.

Enliven your cocktail:

It is important to create an environment conducive to sharing during your event. There are a number of possible activities, let your event caterer guide you, who can suggest evening themes such as cinema, gatsby, grand prix... Or choose those that best match the identity of your cocktail party. business. It is these small original details that will make all the difference. This is an opportunity to offer an exhilarating moment to your participants.

To offer a memorable moment, cooking events are great opportunities to offer immersive experiences. L'animation by a renowned chef from the Côte d'Azur region for an unforgettable culinary encounter, a bartender animation, or a food scenography. They make your guests' mouths water and mark the spirits with their originality.

Be careful, the decoration of the reception room is a point not to be forgotten in order to be credible with your guests.

Which type of restoration should I choose?

Local cuisine, traditional cocktail pieces, exceptional ingredients... The choice of good dishes offered during your cocktail party is essential to make an impression. In collaboration with your caterer, choose the cuisine best suited to your event.

In summary, to organize a memorable corporate cocktail, it is essential to choose an experienced caterer, to select a prestigious reception venue, to offer gourmet and tasty gastronomy, to include entertainment, everything by adding original touches that will mark the spirits. All these points will ensure you create an unforgettable moment in the image of your company.

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