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Organize a congress : the key steps for a successful event

Do you want to organize a congress for your company? This task can sometimes be difficult when you do not know all the steps necessary for its preparation. How to prepare for your event? What solution to animate it? How to choose your event caterer and what type of catering to set up? Our event experts answer all your questions so that you can set up a memorable conference, worthy of the name.

What is a congress?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is essential to understand what a congress is. A congress is a national or international professional event allowing to debate on a subject, to exchange and create network. It can take place over one or more days. This type of event is very often confused with conferences, a conference is generally limited to a speech and can be integrated into a congress.

Definition of the budget, choice of theme, speakers, event caterer and location, number of guests, communication around the event, setting up activities or creating a banquet... Before to be on D-Day, the setting up of a congress is carried out in several key stages to make this event unique. As you will have understood, it is a long process of organization.

To help you visualize your event and make your project a reality, here is the possible sequence of a congress:

  • Reception of participants

  • Welcome drink

  • Presentation of the congress (programme, speakers, organization…)

  • Speaking and conferences

  • Discussions and debates

  • Aperitif and dinner

Of course, between the different presentations, it is possible to organize short coffee breaks or even different more or less fun activities depending on the theme of your congress.

Why is it important to choose the ideal place to organize a congress?

The choice of location is essential for the organization of a congress, it will inevitably have an impact on the technical organization of the event, but also on the memory that you will leave with your guests.

To offer a unique event, several criteria must be taken into account before renting a place, our event experts will explain everything to you:

The location of the place:

In order for your guests to easily get to your conference, it is essential to select a location that is easy to access and well served. We therefore recommend that you favor cities close to an airport or train station. It may, moreover, be interesting to set up a shuttle system to facilitate the connection to the place of the event. The little extra, choose a prestigious place to mark the spirits even more.

You are looking for the ideal location to organize a congress on the Côte d'Azur follow the link.

The capacity of the room:

Generally, a congress welcomes a very large number of people, to welcome them in good conditions, it is therefore important to ensure the reception capacity of your location. Our experts recommend that you target your search on convention centers, they are suitable for receiving a large number of guests.


The organization and smooth running of a congress require a whole technical organization. Projection equipment, stage or lighting, many pieces of equipment are necessary. When choosing a room, be careful about the equipment available.

The modularity of the locations:

To adapt to your program, it is essential that the pitches of the selected location are flexible and offer distinct spaces. For example, a conference room must be able to transform into a reception room. Little tip, we advise you to provide a more intimate relaxation room for breaks.

How to host a conference?

Bringing a congress to life is essential, it would be a shame to make this moment soporific and boring. Nevertheless, making an impression requires a little organization, preparation and creativity. Discover the best advice from our experts:

  • Give rhythm to your event: To liven up a conference and make an impression, we advise you to set up a multitude of activities: conferences, round tables, debates, moments of relaxation, etc. This diversity will give rhythm to your event.

  • Choose the right moderator: The congress moderator is a central element, it allows to create a link with the audience, but also to ensure the smooth running of the congress.

  • Establish a scenography: To offer a unique experience during a congress, it is important to stimulate the guests by proposing, for example, passages of music or plays of light. This scenographic sequence will give the illusion of a show and will challenge the participants.

Stimulating the senses: choosing the right caterer?

To organize a conference, it is important to choose the right caterer, to many events such as a seminar, a team building or even more simply a company meal. During an event, the meal is a moment of sharing that brings participants together and makes an impression.

Many possibilities are available to you: seated banquet, standing cocktail, food-truck, buffet. We advise you to choose a formula corresponding to the theme, standing and participants of your event. To help you make this choice, do not hesitate to seek advice from your event caterer. Thanks to his experience, he will be able to tell you the most suitable type of meal.

Are you looking for the ideal caterer? Discover Pavillon caterer, teams of professionals dedicated to the smooth running of your events and the stimulation of your taste buds. Whether for a professional event, a company meal, a seminar or even a larger event such as a congress, they will be able to accompany you at each stage of your project.

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