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Organize An Unforgettable Event at Château de la Napoule with Pavillon Catering

Photo of the Château de la Napoule by drone
Photo of the Château de la Napoule by drone

A Historic and Enchanted Setting

Nestled on the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean, Château de la Napoule stands as a jewel of French history and culture. With its medieval towers, lush gardens and breathtaking sea views, this castle never fails to amaze. Founded in the 14th century, lovingly renovated by Henry and Marie Clews in the 1920s, Château de la Napoule blends medieval history with art and creativity, providing a unique setting for events that are out of the ordinary.

A Favorite Venue for All Types of Events

Whether you dream of a magical wedding, an elegant corporate reception or an exclusive private evening, Château de la Napoule is the ideal setting. Its varied spaces, including majestic reception rooms, terraces with sea views and enchanted gardens, can adapt to any type of event, large or small. The magic of the venue, combined with impeccable management, ensures that every occasion is memorable.


Three interconnected rooms, “Spencer”, “Marie Clews” and “Gothique”, are available to accommodate up to 280 people in an indoor seated configuration. Let's discover the spaces and capacities of each room:

Château de la Napoule event

Cocktail dinner: 180pax

Seated dinner: 150 pax


Cocktail dinner: 80pax

Seated dinner: 50 pax


Cocktail dinner: 120pax

Seated dinner: 80pax

COURT OF HONOR (outdoors)

Cocktail dinner: 600 pax

Seated dinner: 450 pax

A maximum structure of 30 x 15m can be set up in this space.


Cocktail dinner: 250pax

Seated dinner: 80pax

This area has independent access and offers the possibility of partial privatization without requiring the exclusive reservation of the entire Château.


Cocktail dinner: 100pax

Seated dinner: 40pax

Discover the spaces of the Château in video --> Click here

Pavillon Catering: Your Ideal Partner at Château de la Napoule

When the excellence of the setting meets gastronomic refinement, the event takes on an exceptional dimension. Pavillon Traiteur, with its recognized expertise in the organization of high-end events, is the preferred partner to enhance your event at Château de la Napoule. Our passion for gastronomy, our attention to detail and our ability to personalize each service make us the ideal choice to accompany your most precious moments.

Tailor-made Gastronomy

Our team of talented chefs creates tailor-made menus that fuse French culinary tradition and gastronomic innovations, with particular attention to local and seasonal produce. Each dish is designed to amaze your guests and make your event unforgettable.

Exceptional Service

At Pavillon Traiteur, we understand that the success of an event relies on excellent service. Our dedicated team works with you from the earliest planning stages, ensuring flawless execution on the big day. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, ensuring every aspect of the event is perfect.

An Eco-responsible Event

Committed to a sustainable development approach, we are proud to offer eco-responsible events with the obtaining of the ISO 20121 standard . From product selection to waste management, we take steps to minimize our environmental impact, while ensuring a luxurious and memorable experience.

excellence in gastronomy with chefs' pavilion

Pavillon des chefs is a pioneering initiative intended to raise the level of prestigious events on the Côte d'Azur through an exclusive collaboration with the region's most illustrious chefs. A new benchmark for those who aspire to an unrivaled culinary experience, in partnership with internationally renowned chefs, the best workers in France, starred chefs and local renowned chefs!

Make Your Event at Château de la Napoule a Legendary Moment

With Pavillon Traiteur, your event at Château de la Napoule will not only be memorable, it will be legendary. We invite you to contact us to start planning your dream event in this historic and enchanting setting. Together, let's make your vision a dazzling reality.

Aerial view Château de la Napoule

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