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Table des Aiglons OGC Nice, Culinary Fusion by Chef Virginie Basselot and Pavillon Traiteur

OGC Nice offers you complete solutions throughout the season: lounges and boxes of great comfort, top quality services which reflect the pride, elegance and attachment to the club as well as to its traditional values, all in the setting of one of the most magnificent in Europe.

Pavilion Traiteur services are available in the following spaces:

New !

This year, the "Brasserie des Aiglons" lounge becomes Table des Aiglons by la Rotonde. The menu will be signed by the Chef Virginie Basselot of the Negresco and designed in partnership with Pavillon Traiteur, in an effort joint to support all production. This collaboration highlights the culinary talents of the Chef while benefiting from the expertise and production of Pavillon Traiteur to offer an exceptional gastronomic experience to guests.

Table des Aiglons by the Rotonde

The Table des Aiglons offers you an exclusive top-of-the-range service with:

-VIP welcome by hostesses-Table service, with a menu signed by Chef Virginie Basselot of the Rotonde du Negresco

(pre-game |half-time |post-game)-Champagne post-match

-Musical ambience-View of the player entrance tunnel-Terrace with panoramic view

Caterer at Baie des Anges OGC Nice

The Baie des Anges lounge offers you an exclusive service with:

-VIP welcome by hostesses-Cocktail service served in the Salon Mercantour

(pre-game | post-game)-Cocktail dinner in the Salon Baie des Anges (half-time)

-Musical and event entertainment, show-cooking workshop, champagne bar-Panoramic view of the field

Catering Pavilion at OGC Nice

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