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Evening for the benefit of "Restos du coeur"

Event that already shows FULL !

Next November 15, ten great regional Chefs will concoct an exceptional dinner which will bring together 500 guests at the Carlton for a charity evening to benefit the Restos du coeur.

Catering pavilion for the benefit of restaurants of the heart during an associative evening

An unprecedented mobilization in Cannes, orchestrated by Chef Denis Fétisson in partnership with the famous brand Les Collectionneurs by Alain Ducasse, also made possible thanks to the support of generous suppliers* and with a particularity of size: thanks to the completely voluntary involvement of everyone, all the sums collected will be donated to the Coluche association.

Pavillon Traiteur Offers its services for an Exceptional Charity Evening for the Benefit of "Restos du Cœur"

In a gesture of generosity, Pavillon Traiteur joins the momentum of solidarity by graciously offering its services for produce and serve the charity dinner at the Carlton in Cannes. Regional chefs, led by chef Denis Fetisson, showcase their talent to offer guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Pavillon Traiteur also offered the working hours of its dedicated team and the room staff necessary for this exceptional charity evening for the benefit of Restos du coeur. This act of generosity demonstrates Pavillon Traiteur's commitment to those most in need, thus contributing to the success of this noble cause.

Cannes, long-standing support for "Restos du coeur"

As president of the Association of Mayors of France, David Lisnard launched an appeal last September to all Mayors of France to support the call for donations from Restos du coeur and encourage them to help the association according to their means and their local situation; a call to which many responded, despite the context of crisis which is also hitting communities hard. In Cannes, this support translates concretely each year into a significant subsidy of 18,000 euros, unchanged for more than ten years, paid to the departmental delegation of the association which then distributes it between the two Cannes Restaurant sites which welcome the public : at 10 rue des Halles in Cannes center, and at 160 avenue Michel Jourdan in Cannes La Bocca, the latter premises being made available free of charge by the Cannes Town Hall. For David Lisnard: “The restaurants of the heart help social cohesion in Cannes where the population is very contrasted with a high poverty rate of more than 19%, where we carry out a concrete social policy. It now represents nearly 8% of the municipality's budget compared to 5.9% in 2014, and we protect it every year. »

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Article written by @cannessoleil

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