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Organize an event at the Bastide du Roy

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The Bastide du Roy in Antibes
photo of the bastide du Roy in Antibes and its swimming pool at night

Are you looking for an idyllic and sumptuous place to organize an exceptional professional event? Discover the bastide du Roy, located in Antibes, a preserved place with Provençal charm combining luxury and simplicity in the south of France. What is the history of this place? Why is this bastide ideal for organizing all types of events? Are there any restrictions for holding an event at this establishment? Our experts will reveal to you all the secrets of this unique place in the heart of Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur.

The story of a majestic property in the Alpes-Maritimes

La bastide du Roy is an exceptional property, rich in history. It is also classified as a historic monument. This Provençal residence was built in the 16th century and belonged to many historical figures and many personalities.

This bastide first belonged to royalty, hence its name the Bastide du Roy. In 1604, Henry IV, King of France, received it as a wedding gift. Moreover, at this period, the King of France was already the owner of the Château d’Antibes. This fabulous villa remained in the hands of royalty until 1779, when King Louis XV ceded it to the town of Antibes.

Throughout history, there have been a succession of famous owners, we can, among others, cite Jeanne Lanvin, famous fashion designer who gave it as a wedding gift to her daughter Marie-Blanche and her husband, the Count Jean de POLIGNAC close to the princely family of MONACO. Moreover, many artists will also stay in this green setting such as Jean Cocteau or Mick Jagger...

Today, this villa belongs to the Gismondi family, recognized in the art world. It is only from 2017 that this magnificent building will be dedicated to hosting events. In detail, it was the daughters of the famous antique dealer Jean Gismondi, upon his death, who decided to make this building a place of celebration.

History, art, romance, this place is imbued with a certain magic!

photo of the gardens of the bastide du Roy

What types of events can we organize at Bastide du Roy?

For years now, this place has hosted the most sumptuous events on the Côte d'Azur in an idyllic setting. La bastide du Roy specializes in the organization of private and professional events. Whether for an exceptional wedding, a reception or a corporate evening, such as a dinner gala or a cocktail, you can enjoy this majestic setting for all your events and different spaces.

  • The French gardens with an area of 1,250 m² can accommodate 150 people seated and 300 people for a standing cocktail.

  • The Spanish gardens with an area of 630 m² can accommodate 40 people seated and 90 people for a standing cocktail.

  • The music garden has an area of 550 m² which can accommodate 200 people seated and 300 people for a standing cocktail.

  • The main courtyard with its surface area of 520 m² accommodates up to 440 people seated and 1000 people for a standing cocktail.

  • The olive pavilion with 400 m² of surface area can accommodate 350 people seated and 400 people for a standing cocktail.

  • La bastide du Roy also has a swimming pool area that can accommodate up to 400 people seated and 200 people for standing cocktails.

In addition to its majestic residence, the Bastide du Roy offers extraordinary gardens mixing numerous landscape styles. This residence is surrounded by an estate of more than 7 hectares offering a panoramic view of the charming Provençal town of Biot. A significant point when you want to organize a large-scale outdoor event. Country lunch, welcome cocktail, seminar or convention, bring all your projects to life in these lush gardens.

The detail that makes all the difference, the bastide du Roy is located a few kilometers from Nice and Cannes, two essential destinations on the French Riviera.

panoramic view of a dinner at the bastide du Roy in Antibes

What are the amenities for organizing an event there?

In addition to offering an extraordinary setting for the organization of your professional events, the bastide du Roy is equipped to ensure the smooth running of your event. Indeed, you will find large modular spaces offering great capacities.

Terrace, meeting room, seminar room, adjacent parking, swimming pool... Everything comes together to offer an exceptional moment combining luxury and calm to your guests. Of course, it is entirely possible to organize standing cocktails or seated meals.

La bastide du Roy is a partner with our exceptional catering service, Pavillon caterer. Our team of professionals will do everything to delight the taste buds of your guests. Whether for a cocktail dinner, a buffet or even a seated meal, we will do everything we can to offer you dishes tasty and make your event unforgettable.

In addition to all the amenities offered, access to this place is easy. In fact, you will find a large car park with 300 spaces on the estate, ideal for welcoming your guests and your service providers in the best conditions.

To reserve or prepare your event in this location, we advise you to contact the Bastide du Roy teams in Antibes. They will be able to establish a quote as close as possible to your expectations. Be careful of errors when making contact, there is a hotel and a restaurant, both located in Antibes, namesake of the famous bastide du Roy.

It is important to realize that the privatization of this exceptional villa represents a significant budget. Most of the time, prices are only given on estimate depending on the duration of the privatization and needs.

Are there any special restrictions for organizing an event there?

As you will surely have understood, organizing a professional event at the Bastide du Roy has many advantages. Firstly, the location of this bastide is a major asset. Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, it offers an enchanting setting conducive to relaxation, wonder and festivities. In addition, its flowered gardens, its sunny terraces and its panoramic view of the Provençal countryside make it a unique place. There you will find all the spaces, mixing history and modernity, necessary for the organization of a major event.

the king's bastide

There are no particular restrictions on organizing an event. It is also possible to organize events there until late in the evening, maximum 2:30 a.m. Everything is in place to offer you an extraordinary moment during your professional or private event.

Be careful though, it is not possible to accommodate all your guests on site. The bastide has 5 bedrooms with bathroom, however you will find many hotels nearby, between Biot and Antibes.

Do not hesitate, when you contact the Bastide du Roy teams, to talk about all your wishes, they will be able to guide you on the realization of

your projects.

In conclusion, the bastide du Roy is a unique place to organize your event. Its setting, its tailor-made services and its experienced team will make your event a unique and unforgettable moment. Do not hesitate to choose this exceptional destination to organize professional events that meet your expectations and your ambitions.

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