our gastronomy

Cooking is an art !


It is not a question of taste, it is a question of preparation, accuracy and staging. Everything starts behind the scenes. Without even realizing it, our highlights are getting ready.

At Pavillon Traiteur we select for you the best vegetables, meats, fish and fruits of the region. Attached to our historic anchorage on the Côte d'Azur, we favor local products, filled with the azure sun. We choose them for their tasteful, tasty and gourmet virtues so that they never disappoint you.


Our team of Chefs cooks then implement their know-how. Like orchestra conductors, they cut, cook, and season to perfection to awaken the flavors and impress the taste buds. Seasonal products are then embellished with their most beautiful attractions to seduce you.

Give us a tomato from the Grasse hinterland and we will make it a velvety lunch with flavors of the south to decorate a wolf net.


Then comes the moment of the show, the tasting. Unique and magnificent representation concocted by and for you. There begins the magic.

Like a choreography, each movement is timed and organized. The waiters enter the scene.


Let us offer you a sweet rhythm dance of appetizers and canapés. Then, sit down at the table to experience a taste of the scents of the Mediterranean.

The guests are conquered.

Finally, the grand finale, the centerpiece: dessert! An explosion of flavors to end this evening and leave a memorable impression to your guests ...


That's what the Pavillon Traiteur experience is.


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