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Production laboratory on the Côte d'Azur

Discover Behind the Scenes of Pavillon Traiteur

Welcome to the beating heart of Pavillon Traiteur, where culinary tradition and innovation meet to create unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Located in Mouans Sartoux, our 1500 m² laboratory is the cornerstone of our promise of quality and creativity. In this article, we invite you to discover our dedicated team, our modern production space and our commitment to excellence and eco-responsibility.

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A Passionate and Experienced Team

At Pavillon Traiteur, our teams are the real driving force behind our success. Each member and talented chefs bring unique expertise and a passion for cooking. We value teamwork and creativity, and this is reflected in every dish we prepare. Our chefs are culinary artisans who transform fresh, high-quality ingredients into true works of gastronomic art.

A production and creation laboratory on the French Riviera

Our production laboratory is much more than just a workplace; it’s a space where culinary magic comes to life. Equipped with the most advanced technologies, our laboratory is designed to meet the needs of large-scale events. Every detail, from sous vide cooking equipment to steaming techniques, is optimized to ensure perfection and consistency in every culinary creation.

As soon as the raw materials arrive, they are labeled, checked and stored in specific cold rooms for optimal conservation. Our fruits and vegetables go through a decontamination workshop before processing, while meat and fish are treated in dedicated workshops to avoid any cross-contamination.

Our laboratory is equipped with a large catering room where cold items such as starters and cocktail items are prepared. We also have a sheeter for rolling out various doughs and slicers for cutting cold meats, cold meats and vegetables. In our tower room, a mixer prepares all the doughs, and a robot chops the ingredients necessary for the preparations.

Vacuum packaging is carried out in a dedicated room, allowing better conservation of products and vacuum cooking which ensures more tender meat. The hot kitchen, equipped with frying pans, vertical ovens, plates and fryers, is the heart of all our cooking.

The hot pastry shop, with its fires and ovens, is dedicated to cooking pasta, biscuits and meringues. For cold pastries, an annex room allows you to make desserts, pastry creams and cut fresh fruit. Mixer beaters are used for finishing, where the chocolate is prepared and the assembled pieces are assembled.

Finally, the finished products are stored in cold rooms before being loaded into controlled trucks to guarantee their quality until their destination.

Production laboratory
Production laboratory
Production laboratory

To virtually visit our laboratory: Click here

Eco-Responsible Commitment

At Pavillon Traiteur, we are firmly committed to the planet. Our rigorous environmental policy pushes us to use eco-responsible containers and materials. We believe that every gesture counts in our quest to reduce our ecological impact, while maintaining impeccable gastronomic quality. This commitment is reflected in our choice of local suppliers and seasonal products, guaranteeing freshness and sustainability.

- Compostable Waste Management

Our bio-waste is carefully sorted and placed in special dedicated brown bins. This waste is then recovered by a specialized company to be transformed into compost, thus contributing to a virtuous ecological cycle.

- Selective sorting

Selective sorting is a pillar of our environmental policy. We have implemented efficient sorting systems to separate recyclable materials from non-recyclable waste. Each member of our team is trained in best sorting practices, ensuring that our waste is managed responsibly and sustainably.

- Energy saving

To reduce our energy footprint, we have installed motion detectors and timers in our facilities. These devices help minimize the use of lighting when spaces are not occupied, thus reducing our energy consumption. This proactive approach contributes to both environmental protection and the operational efficiency of our laboratory.


It is essential to guarantee the quality and safety of the meals served. Traceability makes it possible to follow each ingredient from its origin to its processing and final delivery. By choosing a Catering Pavilion with rigorous traceability, customers can be assured of the freshness of the products, compliance with health standards and the use of local and sustainable ingredients. This transparency is a guarantee of trust and satisfaction for customers.

To find out more about our eco-responsible actions: Click here


At Pavillon Traiteur, each event is an opportunity to show our art and our dedication to excellence. We invite you to visit our laboratory and discover how we work with heart and determination to make each event memorable. Whether for a wedding, corporate event or private celebration, we are committed to creating unforgettable moments through our passion for cuisine and our commitment to quality.

Visit our production laboratory on the Côte d'Azur based in Mouans Sartoux and be inspired by our unique approach to gastronomy. Contact us today to discuss your next event and find out how Pavillon Traiteur can turn your vision into reality.

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