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Pavillon des Chefs: Gastronomic Excellence on the Côte d’Azur

Chefs Pavilion

“Pavillon des Chefs”: It is with unprecedented enthusiasm that we announce today the official launch of Pavillon des Chefs , a pioneering initiative intended to raise the level of prestigious events on the French Riviera thanks to an exclusive collaboration with the most famous chefs in the region. "Pavillon des Chefs" is the new benchmark for those who aspire to an unrivaled culinary experience, in partnership with internationally renowned chefs such as Gérald Passédat (three Michelin stars), Arnaud Faye (two Michelin stars), Alain Llorca (one Michelin star), as well as the renowned chefs Denis Fétisson and Jacques Chibois and many other Chefs to discover on our website...

For more than ten years, we have been at the forefront of organizing exceptional gastronomic events. “Pavillon des Chefs” embodies the culmination of our passion and commitment to excellence. Thanks to our 2000m² production laboratory located in Mouans-Sartoux, we have the necessary infrastructure to produce high-end culinary services, in large quantities, while preserving the authenticity and quality for which our territory is renowned . .

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At Pavillon des Chefs , we believe in the power of cooking to bring people together. Our LinkedIn page is a space dedicated to all gastronomy enthusiasts, where we share our latest creations, behind the scenes of our events, and news from our chefs!

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Contact Pavillon des Chefs to discuss your culinary projects and find out how we can transform your ideas into unforgettable successes. Whether you are a caterer or a creative chef, our laboratory is ready to welcome you for your gastronomic adventures on the French Riviera.

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